A diamond's value is directly proportional to its clarity.


For example, a brown diamond riddled with defects may be worth merely one fourth that of an equivalent colorless, or nearly colorless diamond. 

Our expertise in High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Low Pressure High Temperature (LPHT) treatment methods allows us to drastically improve the color and clarity of undesirable diamond samples, which can then be used in applications requiring a finer, more expensive quality diamond without incurring large costs.

Our treatment services are conducted confidentially on our premises using our in-house developed proprietary methods.



We have perfected the design of our high temperature equipment to achieve extreme temperatures at unprecedented pressures and vacuums, for a wide range of applications.

Our furnaces are used in fields such as volcanology, mineralogy, gemology, geology, and various related fields of high temperature research based in and around earth sciences.


Furthermore, in the diamond and gemstone industry, our furnaces lead at the forefront of development in the areas of LPHT treatment, diamond annealing, diamond color correction, various types of heat treatment.


Break-through advances have been achieved in cooling and heating speeds, allowing for applications in which industrial high temperature furnaces were previously futile. With our furnaces, the use of inert/noble gasses such as argon, hydrogen, and nitrogen is possible with specific chamber designs, furthering the range of applications.



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Our passion for gemology and high temperature processing has been an ongoing pursuit for over 30 years.

Whether you are unsure of your next step, need guidance on your business venture in the gem industry, or just wish to confirm your thoughts with an unbiased source regarding your work in the high temperature field - we have the knowledge to ensure your goals are met.

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Advanced Temperature Processing
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